Frequently asked questions

Are there any fees involved for Comic Colosseum 2020?

No, there are no fees involved. Participation is free.

Can we enter the contest as a team?

Sure! The prize will be given to one member of the team and from there, you can decide for yourselves how you would like to share it amongst each other.

When is the submission period?

Participants may submit their entries from April 13 2020 - Sept 30 2020

Can I submit to both Comic Apprentice and Comic Master categories?

No, as each category is only open to a set of age groups. Comic Apprentice - 17 to 24 years old. Comic Master - 24 years old and above

Can I submit multiple stories?

Yes, you may submit multiple stories as an individual or as a team or both, but submissions for different categories are not allowed as each category has an age requirement

What are the submission requirements?

- All genres are accepted - Entries must be in english / silent (No words) - Hand drawn and digital entries are both acceptable - Comic series must be submitted in Vertical Scroll Format (Example attached below) - Must be submitted in Color / B&W - Format submitted ONLY JPEG / PNG - Comic series submitted must not be less than 60 panels - Recommended Resolution: 1024px (Width), *30,000px (Length) However, this recommended resolution is based on 30 panels hence, if participants have 1 episode consisting of 60 panels or more, they are to separate into 2 or more episodes when submitting their comic series - Recommended Dots Per Inch (DPI) is 72dpi

Can participants submit stories that have been previously published on ComicVid?

No, it is recommended to submit stories that have not been published before so that everyone will be judged fairly and equally

Is this competition open to all countries?

Yes we recommend people from all over the world to join us for this exciting competition but do note that submissions are only allowed in english or as silent comics

What is the minimum age for competitors to compete in Comic Colosseum 2020?

17 years old is the minimum age to compete in this competition

How do I submit my comic series for Comic Colosseum 2020?

Comic Colosseum 2020 participants will submit their entries the same way as normal participants, instructions are found here ( under the ‘contribute to comicvid’ tab. However, Comic Colosseum 2020 participants would need to add #cca2020 (Comic Apprentice Category) OR #ccm2020 (Comic Master Category) behind their comic series name (Example attached below)

What kind of content is allowed?

According to our Content and Community Policy, which can be found here (, it shows what guidelines have to be adhered to for Comic Colosseum 2020. Please do read the guidelines to find out more information

Do I still own the rights for the entries that I have submitted for the competition?

Yes, you still own the rights for the comic series that you have submitted to ComicVid. However, if we do make comic videos out of the comic series for you, the rights of the comic videos belong to ComicVid

How will the results for Comic Colosseum be announced?

Winners will be announced through ComicVid Social Media pages as well as email notifications. From there, we will notify you on the collection of the prizes

If I missed the deadline, am I able to still enter the competition?

Unfortunately we do not accept late entries. Please do submit your entries early to avoid disappointment

If you have any other questions regarding Comic Colosseum 2020, you may send it to or alternatively, you may fill up the contact form on