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Submission format requirements

  •  Vertical Scroll Format

  • Color / Black & White 

  • JPEG / PNG Format 

  • No Less than 60 Panels (Every 30 Panels = 1 Episode)

  • Resolution

  • DPI: 72dpi and above  

: 1,024px (Width)

: 30,000px (Length)


How to Submit?

rules & regulations

1. Sign up as a ComicVid contributor through the online form which can be found on the 'contributions' tab on this website

2. Once approved as a contributor, please continue by following the step by step process, which you will find under the 'Contribute to ComicVid' Tab

3. When filling in your comic name, please do include #cca2020 (Comic Apprentice) OR #ccm2020 (Comic Master) (Depending on which category you will be entering) to let us know you will be submitting your entries for the competition

*Failure to not include the # will result in immediate disqualification and the entries will not be considered

  • Comic Artist are to ensure that they are the original creators of the comic series submitted.

  • All comic series submitted must not contain plagiarized/offensive content/nudity and discrimination.

  • Any comic which infringes upon another artist’s licensed content will be automatically disqualified. It is your  responsibility to check this in advance.

  • The organizer reserves the rights for all artworks to be ONLY BE USED for publicity and promotional purposes.

  • The organizer reserves the rights to disqualify any participant who does not comply with the rules and regulations

  • The organizer reserves all rights and discretion to the final competition results.

  • The organizer reserves the right to disqualify anyone who does not comply with the submission requirements of the competition

  • Comic Artists are required to come up with a short synopsis for their comic series.

  • All information provided to Comic Colosseum will be strictly confidential.

  • Winners will be announced through ComicVid’s social media pages and through email notifications (Further information on the collection of prizes will also be done at the same time)

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