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Community Policy

Content and Community Policy

  1. Here are a few of our rules:

    a. Respect copyright. You remain responsible for all activities associated with your account, including any content or comment you post.

    b. Give constructive criticism. Share your opinion in a constructive (rather than destructive) way, and remember to focus on the content rather than the person who created it. Feedback can be a valuable tool to make friends and help others improve.

    c. Do not harass. Be a friend. We will not tolerate participating in or encouraging abusive, derogatory, or threatening behavior within our platform or Services. Don't ask mobilise friends, subscribers or followers to harass or stalk someone on any online platforms including ComicVid or elsewhere.

    d. Protect your privacy. Don’t share someone's personal details without his or her permission, including real names, private conversations, photos, phone numbers, home or email addresses, or other sensitive information that may compromise their safety.


2.   Here are some non-exhaustive examples of strictly prohibited content on our platforms and Services:
a. Dangerous content that may encourage harmful or illegal activities, or which causes others to commit acts of destruction, violence or self-injury.
b. Hateful content that incites or encourages violence, hate, or discrimination against persons or groups based on their race, creed, cultural or ethnic background, disability, sexual orientation, or gender identity.
c. Malicious content which exposes users to harmful websites or software. You are responsible for security of outgoing links you post.

3. Limit self-promotion

a. ComicVid is a place where creators may connect directly with readers, as well as like-minded artists and authors. Promoting your work is important; however, when it comes to building a loyal following, meaningful interactions between creators and fans can be more effective than outright solicitation or spam.

b. Please do not post identical or similar comments, private messages, wall posts, or forum posts asking people to view your content, subscribe, or to donate money. The best promotions and requests are relevant and valuable, not those which are deemed annoying or desperate.

4. Don't spam

ComicVid does not condone or encourage spam. While we endeavour to keep spam on ComicVid to a minimum, but we also have policies in place that prohibit spammy activity and the use of related services.

5. Other prohibited acts

The following acts are not allowed on ComicVid:

a.Sending or posting unsolicited or unwanted content or links

b.Using misleading titles, descriptions, tags, or thumbnails Creating profiles primarily to drive traffic to external websites, via messages, comments, profile and series descriptions, or artwork

c. Creating, using, or promoting bots or other automated means to increase view counts or perform social interactions

d. Creating multiple accounts with the intention of inflating the popularity of other profiles

6. Announcements, advertisements, and other content

a. Episodes. Episodes of a series should be episodes.  They should generally be installments of a serialized story, or standalone, one-shot comics or books. Series and episodes are not intended to be announcements, advertisements, or other non-story content.

b. Announcements. The use of episodes to post non-diegetic announcements is strictly prohibited. Creators are encouraged to utilize profile pages and wall posts to notify subscribers of announcements pertaining to series information and creators’ updates.

c. Advertisements. Any attempt to place an advertisement, redirect traffic from ComicVid to third-party websites, and/or harm the user experience of our community (as determined at our sole discretion) is prohibited. We allow links to personal websites in Series and Profile descriptions, as well as social media links. We also allow third-party website links in episode descriptions and posts, so long as they provide a relevant, complementary experience for readers and the ComicVid community

7. Reporting and enforcement

a. You might not like everything you see on ComicVid, and may come across content you find offensive or disagree with. Please try to ignore it, and avoid those who share it. However, if you encounter content that you think crosses the line or breaches our guidelines, flag it for our review by writing into

b. If there's a problem with a user’s behavior, or if another person is impersonating you or infringing on your copyright, please inform us at      

c. Your report will be reviewed by ComicVid staff, and access to flagged content may be restricted during that time. We'll evaluate whether it violates our guidelines, or if it is otherwise inappropriate.

d. If we determine there's a legitimate problem, we'll notify the owner of the account and let him or her know what further action should be taken. In some cases, content may be removed or accounts suspended without warning, but in most cases, we will try to give the errant party a warning and an opportunity to fix the issue before taking other measures.

e. Please keep in mind that something you may find unacceptable may not be unacceptable to everyone, nor a violation of our guidelines or terms. We will try to maintain a fair and open-minded approach, and reporting content may not always result in it being changed or removed

8. Feedback

We’re always open to suggestions to help improve our guidelines, so feel free to let us know what you think. Our policies are subject to revision and expansion in order to guide our platform in the best possible way, but this page will always host the most current set of policies. 

All of our policy regulation is open to review. Suspensions of content and or account access may be contested by contacting us through our email,

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